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Over sixty years ago General Motors originated the idea for an experimental train called the “Train of Tomorrow” that was packed full of mechanical marvels, new-as-tomorrow interior decorations and many post-war features for the comfort and safety of passengers. This entirely new design permitted an astra dome atop each car for unrivaled view of the landscape and depressed car floor underneath, resulting in four floor-levels in every car. The four car Train of Tomorrow consisted of General Motors EMD 2000 HP diesel locomotive, one chair car, one sleeper car, one dining car and one observation-lounge car which was built by Pullman Standard.

There is a great need for the “Trains of Tomorrow.” Record funding is available to those with a proven capability to design, develop and manufacture the Trains of Tomorrow. However, over the past several years companies have found it increasing difficult to profitably compete in the rail transit industry in North America. The problem has been so severe that many companies have never been able to establish a record of success but have exited the business. Just as the GM Train of Tomorrow was designed, developed and manufactured by a competent, experienced and highly qualified team of individuals, the Trains of Tomorrow will be as well. To be successful in putting your name on the Trains for Tomorrow you will need highly qualified team members. As you have likely noted, it is quite difficult to find experienced and qualified technical personnel.

Inspired by the designs of the past such as the GM Train of Tomorrow, Professional Engineer and Consultant Richard Curtis has been responsible for significant contributions in the railroad industry over the past 35 years. Mr. Curtis’ “Trains for Tomorrow” include the NJ Transit Comet I, MBTA #1 Red Line, Amtrak Superliner I, Auto Train, and RoadRailer Mark V. In addition, he has headed the design team on transit and commuter car trucks for Tomorrow's Trains in San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, Vancouver, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

Mr. Curtis’ key role on proposal teams has provided clients the contacts and knowledge to gain multi-million dollar contracts. His market studies for several clients have triggered millions of dollars of new business.

Because of extensive knowledge of rail car design often called upon to solve difficult maintenance and operational problems. He has directed design related to mid life overhaul and modernization on major contracts. Several transit authorities used his services to evaluate proposals and provide oversight on key segments on major contracts. He has also been responsible for design, development, procurement and maintenance of all types of freight cars including Double Stack Container Cars, Auto Rack Technology, Unit Train Coal Cars, Coil Steel Cars, Covered Hopper Cars, Heavy Duty Special Purpose Cars and RoadRailer.

Over the past 20 years, through his highly successful consulting practice, Mr. Curtis has provided Engineering Management, Vehicle Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Testing Support, Systems Engineering, Inspection Services, Specification Preparation, Engineering Evaluation and Litigation Support within the industry. His clients have included transit authorities, railroads, engineering consulting firms, investors, car builders and suppliers.
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