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In 1895 the Granville-Paris Express failed to stop at its destination, the Montparnasse Station in Paris, overrunning the buffer stop and sailing out of the station onto the street below. Although you may never face a problem like this one, you are likely faced with a multitude of business and technical challenges. It may be prudent to enlist outside assistance as can provided by Professional Engineer and Consultant Richard Curtis who has been providing solutions to problems and challenges in the rail industry for over 35 years.

Improved Engineering and Direction on Present Projects—Richard Curtis’ design projects have included the NJ Transit Comet I, Amtrak Superliner, MBTA #1 Red Line, MBTA Commuter, CTS Airporters, NYCT R-46, Long Island RR GTE, Auto Train, RoadRailer Mark V and Amtrak MHC cars. He also headed the design team on transit and commuter car trucks for BART, METRA, MARTA, NCTD, West Coast Express, Tri-Rail and LA Metro-Link. Besides directing engineering on major projects, as a Mechanical Engineer he has specialized design knowledge of carbody structure, trucks, brakes, couplers, door systems, interiors, etc.

Engineering Oversight on Major Contracts—As a technical consultant to MBTA, NYCT, WMATA, Phoenix Metro, UTA, CALTRANS, NICTD, AMTRAK, Detroit People Mover and Seattle Monorail, Richard Curtis provided technical expertise in an oversight role to insure that the design, manufacture, overhaul and testing met all necessary requirements.

Resolution of Operation and Maintenance Issues—Mr. Curtis has often been called upon to resolve difficult issues involving existing equipment. These assignments have included people movers, transit cars, commuter cars, freight cars and locomotives. They also range from 40 year old equipment to cars which had not yet been placed into service.

Better Direction on Overhaul Contracts—When OEM suppliers are no longer available and the design documentation does not exist, Richard Curtis has been able to provide direction to facilitate equipment overhauls. His recommendations and technical solutions usually are quickly approved by his clients’ customers.

Need Increased Sales—Richard Curtis’ market studies for several clients have triggered millions of dollars of new business. He has also played key role in assisting clients in gaining multi-million dollar contracts. These sales have allowed his clients to penetrate new markets.
New Designs or Products Needed—A considerable portion of Mr. Curtis’ career has been involved with product development with his former employers. As a consultant, he has provided valuable support in new product development for several clients.

Technical Support in Litigation or Arbitration—As an expert witness with both BS and MS degrees in engineering, Richard Curtis’ many years of experience and diversified background have provided him with a unique background to offer his clients.

Richard Curtis’ goal is to provide engineering and marketing consulting that directly contributes to his client's profitability and success in the markets they serve. For more information or for a frank and confidential discussion of your unique requirements, please contact:

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